Head Varsity Girls Lacrosse Coach

South Fayette Twp. School District   Pittsburgh, PA   Full-time     Education
Posted on September 11, 2022

South Fayette Township School District is seeking a Head Varsity Girls Lacrosse Coach.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Leading and administering the girls lacrosse program through teaching, coaching and supervising of student athletes as they participate in the grades 9-12 lacrosse program.

1. To plan and implement the girls lacrosse program consistent with current practices as defined in:
▪ PA Department of Education South Fayette athletic policy manual
▪ P.I.A.A. Handbook current year, to meet the needs of the student athletes in conjunction with individual head coaches and the athletic director. Coaches are to read and conduct their programs within these guidelines.
2. To instruct girls lacrosse athletes in the fundamental skills, strategies, and mental and physical training necessary for them to realize a degree of individual and team success. At the same time, the student shall receive instruction that will lead to the formulation of moral values, pride of accomplishment, acceptable social behavior, self-discipline and self-confidence.
3. To provide a competitive and meaningful girls lacrosse program that will represent our District in an exemplary fashion, practice good sportsmanship, foster the development of each student athlete by providing opportunities for the athlete to develop to his or her fullest potential and will always strive for excellence.
4. To develop and promote a viable and competitive girls lacrosse program which will be a source of pride to the South Fayette School District and enhance the South Fayette High School athletic program.

1. Possess knowledge and/or experience which provides a fundamental background in lacrosse techniques for both in-season and out-of-season programs.
2. Possess ability to teach techniques to girls lacrosse student athletes, commensurate with good practices and procedures associated with the game of lacrosse.
3. Possess ability to organize a safe, functional lacrosse facility.
4. Possess knowledge of maintenance practices to insure lacrosse equipment is in safe operating condition at all times.
5. Possess ability to monitor, motivate and educate student athletes as they train for their individual sport.
6. Possess ability to coordinate and monitor a strength training and conditioning program for players in the off-season.
7. Possess ability to communicate and advise the athlete in the recruiting process.

1. Responsible for conferring with the athletic director and strength coach annually to discuss planning, development and implementation of the girls lacrosse program in applicable grade levels for both in-season and out-of-season programs.
2. Responsible for coordinating and monitors athletes’ progress with the fitness specialist.
3. Responsible for instructing student athletes in techniques and strategies utilized for increasing performance in the game of lacrosse.
4. Responsible for assisting with the planning and development of the girls lacrosse program designed to be consistent with the mission statement of the South Fayette School District and the Department of Athletics.
5. Responsible for implementing a girls lacrosse program designed to improve performance and reduce the incidence of injuries to student athletes.
6. Responsible for cooperating with the athletic director in organizing special events such as fundraisers and recognition program.
7. Responsible for providing supervision of all assistant coaches, athletes and managers.
8. Responsible for supervising the athletes and staff from 2:15, or other designated time, until student departure during the practices and on days when games are held.
9. Responsible for motivating monitors and educates student athletes who participate in the girls lacrosse program.
10. Responsible for attending and participating in the fall and/or spring sports celebrations which are held in the evening after the fall and spring sports seasons. These would include seminars on recruiting, nutrition, etc. when scheduled by the Athletic Department.
11. Responsible for devising a system to motivate and monitor the progress of participants.
12. Responsible for providing information to student athletes as requested pertaining to individual student athlete progress.
13. Responsible for providing on-going education to student-athletes regarding the proper techniques for safe and productive participation.
14. Responsible for communicating with athletes about the NCAA Clearinghouse requirements.
15. Responsible for continuing to examine new theories, rules and procedures pertinent to girls lacrosse.
16. Responsible for attending seminars, clinics and read current literature to ensure that up-todate practices are in use in all of the programs.
17. Responsible for becoming familiar with the state and league rules and girls lacrosse regulations required for competition.
18. Responsible for providing proper safeguards for maintenance and protection of the lacrosse site.
19. Responsible for devising a system to monitor all equipment at the lacrosse facility and report maintenance requests to the Athletic Director.
20. Responsible for conducting a weekly inspection of the equipment at the lacrosse facility and reported any maintenance requests to the proper personnel.
21. Responsible for arranging for routine replacement of parts necessary to maintain the proper working condition of all equipment at the lacrosse facility.
22. Responsible for restricting access to lacrosse equipment that is not functioning in a safe manner.
23. Responsible for participating in the annual budget process under the direction of the athletic director to consider purchase of new or replacement equipment and/or parts.
24. Responsible for ordering new or replacement equipment and/or parts consistent with the philosophy of the athletic director.
25. Responsible for completing budget requests in a timely fashion as described by the athletic director.
26. Responsible for arranging for the installation of new parts and equipment that has been
purchased through the budget process or donated.
27. Coaches should be involved and communicate with the local community/township programs.
28. Coach must be an integral participant of their booster/parent organization.
29. Other responsibilities related to coaching as requested by the Athletic Director.

SALARY: As per negotiated professional agreement for 2022-2023 school year